Demonstrators show support for Palestinians; counter-protestors also turn out


Several hundred people supporting Palestinians protested against Israel in West Palm Beach on Sunday

Its one of a few protests in Florida on Sunday backing Palestinians' plight.

The protests on Okeechobee Boulevard were mostly peaceful as people were chanting pro-Palestinian slogans while waving flags and signs. The protest lasted a few hours.

Police did have to block off part of Okeechobee for a short time when they mixed with counter-protesters on the other side of the street.


Those interactions were rare, but did occur.

Two Pro-Palestinian groups from Broward Coutny organized Sundays event, according to a spokesperson.

He said their goal is to inform people in our area about the experience of Palestinians during Israels war against a terrorist organization called Hamas.

Most people we spoke with came to show support for the humanitarian cause.

We also saw some organizers wearing masks. They say they wear the masks because theyre scared of the consequences for showing their support.

Counter-protesters believe slogans like From the River to the Sea are examples of antisensitism because they call for the elimination of Israel.


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